Silicon Solutions, Edward Bent


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Silicon Solutions

Helping Plants to Help Themselves

by Edward Bent

A Book on the role of silicon in plant development.

A holistic review of the importance of plant-available/bioactive silicon to plant growth and development, to soil structure and fertility and the environment at large has been published by Sestante Edizioni (Italy).


Author Edward Bent says the book is aimed at growers, agronomists and teachers.

He said: “The use of silicon could become a fundamental tool to help solve many critical problems of modern-day agriculture.”

The work is divided into sections addressed to agricultural, horticultural and floricultural crops together with a series of tables showing positive results obtained from experimental trials.

It contains some detailed technical information on methods of application together with a list of suppliers.

The book emphasises the contributions that silicon can make to improving the internal quality of produce and its post-harvest characteristics in terms of nutritional value, packing, transport, storage and distribution.

Read the Introduction here: Silicon Solutions introduction.pdf

Publisher is Sestante Edizioni and ISBN: 978–88–6642–151–1.


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