Ferti-Fulvic Plus, 90% fulvic acid powder, 4 pound


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Ferti-Fulvic Plus, 90% fulvic acid

Four pound bucket, completely soluble powder

Ferti-Fulvic Plus is water soluble powder that is organically derived from peat and other plants. This bio-nutrient contains 90% fulvic acid, (Verpleugh and Branifold (V & B) method, and has the unique ability of dissolving, converting and chelating trace minerals making the minerals and nutrients readily and highly absorbable to the plant especially through the root system. Ideal for long-term use and as a stable source of nutrient for plants and soil microorganisms. It provides soil with better structure by allowing it to store air and water longer. Ferti-Fulvic Plus does not interfere with calcium making it safer to apply on low calcium soils. Its capacity to penetrate the plants stoma permits the leaf to accept nutrients very rapidly in foliar applications as well. This low molecular weight humic acid binds to immobile and molecularly heavy minerals to then transport them into plant tissues for faster growth and bigger yields. Can be used for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco blends and hydroponics.


EFFECT ON PLANTS: Enhances plant immunity for better stress management and overall health; Accelerates the production of nucleic acids; Enhances photosynthesis and respiration;

EFFECTS ON SOIL: prevents NPK from leaching; Increases total cationic exchange and improves aeration condition; Makes aggregates in soil produce better oxygenated penetration. The nutrients will remain in solution thanks to its sequestering and colloidal properties.

Ferti-Fulvic Plus Specifications

Fulvic Content: > 90%

Humic Content: > 0.40%

pH: 6-7

Nitrogen (N): 0.19%

Phosphate (p2o5): ND

Potash (K2o): 0.14%

Arsenic: ND

Cadmium: ND

Lead: ND

                                                                                        *ND: none detected



Ferti-Fulvic Plus 90 percent fulvic acid powder

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