CapSil, gallon

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CapSil, gallon

CapSil ensures uniform spreading and coverage of foliar directed sprays on the first application. You get the results you expect and avoid the expense of unnecessary repeat treatments.


CapSil is a 100% active blend of organo-silicone and non-ionic surfactants that enables solutions to spread over the entire leaf surface evenly. Benefits of using CapSil include:

Ensures uniformity and spreading of foliar applied products

Reduces disease incidence

Safe to use – no concern of burn


Avoid unnecessary repeat treatments, use CapSil.


Foliar applications are an important part of your growing program, but not always the most efficient. Many leaf surfaces are waxy, which means your foliar directed chemicals bead up and run-off or do not spread evenly. This leads to waste of the expensive pesticide or fertilizer. Add CapSil to all of your foliar applications to ensure consistent spreading of water and chemicals.

With CapSil, you can get more out of the material you are applying, typically using the lowest label rate, because every application gets distributed evenly on the leaf surface for less waste and improved efficacy. This saves you time and money!


Super spreading formulation gives you greater efficacy at lower, more economical rates

Get complete coverage with every application

Reduce run-off and waste

Save money and time.

We recommend using CapSil as the surfactant when applying Spinosad for Spider Mite control












CapSil-Making the Most of Foliar Directed Sprays

CapSil-Protect Unrooted Cuttings

CapSil vs. Competitive Products



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    Best surfactant I have used, and I have tried many.

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