Calcium Nitrate Yara Tropicote, 50 pound bag


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Calcium Nitrate Yara Tropicote, 50 pound bag

Field Grade Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Yaraliva™ Tropi-Cote™

Coated for ease of spreading

Spreads evenly

Soluble when spread

Suitable for field application Tropi-Cote™ is a fast-acting calcium nitrate fertilizer especially designed for dry application. It can be used as a starter fertilizer or for side-dressing crops. Calcium nitrate is highly hygroscopic (meaning it absorbs water readily), but Tropi-Cote overcomes handling issues associated with this by using a special biodegradable coating system that suppresses water absorption.

Tropi-Cote is a dense granular fertilizer that spreads accurately by hand or up to 24 yards by machine. It is recommended for many crops, including apple, carrot, citrus, onion and potato. Calcium plays a vital role in the development of healthy crops, improving cell wall strength, giving plants a higher tolerance to disease, insect infestation and heat stress. It also increases crop firmness, while reducing fruit splitting and fruit drop. The calcium in Tropi-Cote is highly soluble, so it is quickly made available to the plant for uptake. Similarly, as the majority of the nitrogen in Tropicote is in the nitrate form (the preferred nitrogen source for most horticultural and high-value crops) it is rapidly taken up by plants, ensuring fast and predictable growth.

Tropi-Cote readily dissolves on contact with the soil in humid or dewy conditions, carries a low risk of scorch and does not acidify the soil or rhizosphere.


15.5% Total Nitrogen

⇒14.4% Nitrate

⇒1.1% Ammonium  

19.0% water soluble Calcium.

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