Agricultural Acarology: Introduction to Integrated Mite Manageme


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Agricultural Acarology: Introduction to Integrated Mite Management

Marjorie A. Hoy

May 4, 2011 by CRC Press 
Reference – 430 Pages – 128 B/W Illustrations 
ISBN 9781439817513 – CAT# K10908


Focuses on mites of agricultural importance, elucidating the principles of integrated pest management (IPM)

Describes model systems for the use of IPM strategies in integrated mite management, including their relative advantages and limitations

Offers specific steps in case studies for addressing the problem of pest mite damage to various crops

Instructs on the use of a hand lens and a dissecting microscope to identify the various life stages of plant pest mites and phytoseiidae

Discusses pesticide resistance in mites and the different management tools for detecting and delaying development of resistance

Includes a CD-ROM with a wealth of color photographs that will assist in identifying plant-feeding mites and their natural enemies

Provides key references to the literature



Written by a globally prominent entomologist, Agricultural Acarology: Introduction to Integrated Mite Management provides tools for developing integrated mite management programs for agriculture, including management of plant-feeding mites, mites attacking bees and livestock, and stored products. Emphasizing the biology, ecology, behavior, and diverse methods of controlling mites, this book provides an overview of the management of agriculturally important mites using all available Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tools, including biological control, cultural practices, host-plant resistance, and pesticides.


Agricultural Acarology prepares agricultural managers to identify, manage, and contribute to the field of integrated mite management. An accompanying CD-ROM contains numerous color photographs of mites and the damage they cause, and PDFs of key publications.

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