Potassium, Water Soluble Hydroponic Fertilizers

High Analysis Water Soluble Hydroponic Potassium Fertilizers

ICL PeKacid 0-60-20

Ferti-Organic Soluble Super K Fulvate 3-0-5 with 50% fulvic acid

ICL PeaK MKP 0-52-34

Haifa MKP potassium monophosphate 0-52-34

Potassium Chloride 0-0-62

Solution Grade KMS 0-0-22 with 11% magnesium and 22% sulfur

Yara Krista K potassium nitrate 13-0-46

AgSil 16h Potassium Silicate 0-0-32 with 52.8% Soluble Silica

Organic K Plus sulfate of potash 0-0-50

Yara SQM Ultrasol SOP52 0-0-52

available in one and four pound plastic jars, twenty and fourty pound plastic buckets, fifty pound bags and full pallets