Ferti-Nitro Plus soluble amino's

Ferti-Nitro Plus 13.62-0-0 soluble organic nitrogen

Plant derived amino acid fertilizer and biostimulant

One, four, twenty, fifty pound sizes. 44 x 50 pound bags on a full pallet

Ferti-Nitro Plus Plant Nitrogen is a water soluble powder produced enzymatically without animal by-products. Derived from non-GMO soy protein with a guaranteed minimum of 13.62% (up to 14.8%) plant available nitrogen ideal for nitrogen deficient crops and with a high amino acid content of 80%.


Non-toxic, non-polluting, and vegan plant nutrient. Recommended for organic agriculture use and as a chemical-free fertilizer perfect for environmentally friendly practices. Reduce nitrate use and uptake by plants.


Benefits include:

60-68 grams of readily available plant based nitrogen per LB.

Certified CDFA OIM, OMRI and approval for use on any CCOF farm

No soil leaching, plant burn or salt accumulation

Organic, natural plant based form of nitrogen

Improves inorganic and organic nitrogen uptake


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Showing all 4 results